Saturday, 8 June 2013

T Grid Roll Forming Machine

Components for the Machine:- 
This T-Grids Roll Forming Machine consists of mechanical uncoiler, coil sheet guiding device, main roll forming system, puching device, post-cutting device, Hydraulic station, PLC control system and support table. 

Technical Parameters of our T-Grids Roll Forming Machine:- 
Suitable material : galvanized steel sheet 
Yield strength : Q235 or 34Ksi 
Thickness : 0.4mm-0.7mm 
Forming Speed : about 15m/min (excluding in cutting time) 
Power Requirement : Main motor power: 2.2Kw (Depend on final design) 
Hydraulic station power: about 2.2 Kw (Depend on final design) 
Mechanical decoiler : Max. Capacity: 3000kgs 
Control system : Mitsubishi PLC and converter 
Type of cutting : after roll-formed and length-set cutting 
Electric condition : 380V/3Phase/ 50HZ 
Machine Dimension : about 7m×0.9m× 1.6m (Depend on final design) 
Total weight : about 3000kg

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