Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stud &Track Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machines, also known as roll form machines, bend metal into preset shapes. They bend a long strip of steel that is coiled in a specific way by passing a strip metal through consecutive rolls. Every roll performs an incremental role of bending until the desired design is obtained. This technology is being used in office furniture, automotive, material handling and industrial and trade use.

This machine can produce many cross section profiles although it requires a crafted set of roll tools for that. The rolls are designed with a pattern similar to that of a flower. Simulation is used in these machines to lessen the number of stands and materials. Materials designed by such machines are light and strong. They do not need to go undergo the processes of finishing or paint.

The material obtained from roll forming machines is very economical. They are the primary choice of companies for reduction of cost in manufacturing and also time. It can provide the furnished shapes of exact length. It reduces the manufacturing space and minimizes scrap loss. Also, labour cost is greatly lowered.

These kinds of machines can process in number of methods including flat rolling, ring rolling, foil rolling, controlled rolling and roll bending. These machines are also used to minimize the usage of a new set of roll for producing similar materials like track profiles and stud.

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